Meet Harnaam Kaur and She’s so in Love with Her Body

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Remember to appreciate the beauty inside of you. We are all unique and beautiful.  
Dear Body,Oh my dearest body, i cry as i write you this letter. I am sorry. I shall forever be sorry for all the bad that i have done to you.

I have abused you verbally, i’ve call you the most horrid words that is known to man. I have made you cry, i am sorry for the tears that i made you shed.

I have abused you physically. I am sorry for the times i cut you, opened you up and made you bleed. I am sorry for all the times you looked at me and cried for me to stop, but i didn’t. I didn’t hear you pledges that you shouted at me for me to stop.

Dear body i wanted you dead, i nearly killed you. Am sorry for the suicide that you nearly went through

I abused you. Oh dear body i abused you.

I am sorry for all the pain i caused you. Some people say you are disgusting and vile, some people call you fat and ugly. Some say you are horrific.

Dear body i have now found peace within myself to accept you fully and whole heartedly. I have found the strength to love you 100%. I have found the innermost feelings to love you unconditionally.

Lots of love your one and only owner.

Harnaam Kaur

  Dear Insta family.

For years and years i have abused my body with harsh words, i wanted to kill myself. I used to self harm. I hated my body with a passion and i was bullied horrendously because of it. I have now come to peace with who i am and the beautiful body that i carry. I have realised that no one will ever love and cherish my body the way that i do.

Remember to appreciate the beauty inside of you. We are all unique and beautiful. 



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    09/08/2015 at 17:59

    She’s beautiful, the new kind of women we need in this world.

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