Meet Photographer Couples from Haiti; JAZZY’s Photography

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Photography by Hugue-Robert Marsan

I met some couples recently and they defined a lot, they define love and passion, they define creativity and trust. Love stories are never boring, it’s always interesting when you hear or read love stories, you can always picture it as you’re reading it or doubting it and convincing yourself of the possibility, one thing they have in common as couples is the lens and they shoot beautiful images and they are JAZZY’s Photography.

Photography is the rave of this moment in this part of the world and all over the world even but recently the passion for photography jets up around most continent and it’s a fever that has affects everybody and we love it, photography fever made many discover their talent of imaging, bringing people’s ability to life, it used to be one of those profession that was not respected back then but now everybody will be proud to know a photographer, because they make you see the world that you want to see, even better, that’s for a good photographer though, but a suwegbe photographer like Fela will call it, they make you see yourself in a different world that you’re not familiar with, and you feel like you’ve wasted that moment and if it will be possible you wouldn’t mind to relive that moment and take a perfect picture of the time, that’s what pictures are for, to own a part of time, to remember moment and to bring your imaginations to live by owning the moment with creative vibe.

Haiti Celebrity Photographer

Photography by Frentz Neptune

Their images you see elements of culture and values in the photos they snap, you see the modern age of the culture that build their prestige, their values and creativity, you’ll see love too. JAZZY’s Photography is made up of two lovers of photography and two lovers, the love they share they brought to the vibe behind the lens they hold and their photos you’ll like, the texture and the soft colors that take you away from your immediate environment, to the environment you stare at in the photo, you’ll love their sense of photography and environment, they help translate you from the reality that surrounds you.

Instagram is a place where the world meet, it’s a different world of its own, it was in that world that I met this couple fotographer and they introduced me to their world of photography and the love they both share as couples, seeing same thing behind that lens and interpreting it the best way they can showing the element of their brand and the culture and environment that raised them. Though some may refer to where they’re from as a shit hole but there’s love in that shit hole, there’s passion and there’s creativity there and it’s really not a shit hole, they define and show you the beauty of mother earth there and the lovely happy people that live on that part of the world, their weddings and their fun and professional moments.

JAZZY’s Photography capture life in Haiti and available to travel too, made up of two lovers that found love in photography.