Meet “The Banjos” Simi Army

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SimiMusic they say is the food to the soul, guess that makes us a chef and we cook good music, we love Simi too because she’s a good chef of music and we love the kind of music we make with her because She! Is what the civilized world will call a motherfucker and that’s a compliment because she will break every record and she will give you those goosebumps  you never thought you could have, her voice and vibe is out of this world bet you can tell about that just by listening to her records and videos, she’s always alive and her vibe is the vibe that makes us tick, we tick like the clock and we never stop so don’t miss our next show, that’s just an advice I’ll give to anybody we love, especially our fans because it’s because of you guys that we are here and we are in this for the long run, so let’s get started already.

So we are The Banjos just in-case we are meeting for the first time and it’s nice to meet you and you should be in our next performance, though we’ll definitely share the videos of our rehearsal, you’re free to start stalking our Instagram page just so you’ll never miss anything and we promise to thrill you.The Banjos

Well for me, the experience I got the first time I met this band was astonishing, yes I know Yopee and I know he’s a good singer and a 9 will always have 10s around them that’s how this things work and not just any kind of band will play for Simi because she’s not just a talent, she’s a monster, a slayer like we will say in the fashion world, bring it on and she’s ready to kill the show, which they did and I didn’t want to leave, though Simi was not there but the band was enough, “The Banjos” brought the groove on and everybody was watching like the show has already began, the vibe they brought to life and I was wowed, if this is a rehearsal what will the show be like? But I didn’t get to witness the show because in this town, fun is everywhere, lots of parties, though I miss the banjos that day, but I’ve been stalking their Instagram page ever since, that’s one thing we do in this generation and it’s fun to stalk your favorite band because they will make every of your day, these guys make my day every time and not just because of their beautiful face but their groove and the sound and music they make, you’ll be addicted.

Just like me, I know many love good shows, many want to be entertained and have a nice time and even have a reason to scream when they don’t have to but the joy of what they are enjoying will make them scream, The Banjos will bring you to life, they will thrill you and you will talk about them like you’re preaching the gospel, yes the gospel of The Banjos.

It’s not the weekend yet and it’s not Thursday when we get to throwback memories but memories of how they make me feel that day is worth to be remembered and flash back on even before its Thursday or the next time they’ll be on stage.

One piece of advice though, don’t ever miss Simi’s show again and stalk their page if you love good music, like they say a word is enough for the wise, damn it we are all wise, that I’m sure of.