Memories of the Village

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Sexy Ghana Girl

Songs gives us different feel, some make you feel good while some will make you want to have sex. Some songs make you think erotic red room of pain kind of sex and some you enjoy the sadness that flows out of the song. Some you listen to even when you don’t understand the language of the song. Angelique Kidjo is one of those people, when she sings you get transported into the spiritual realm of African vibes, she emit African French energy from her sounds, she manipulate her tones and keys to sound beautiful.

She possesses you with a beach sand feel of Benin idols; her vigor and strength you posses when you listen to her, she’ll make you enjoy the feel of her strength and realness. Listening to her reminds me of how much I miss my hometown, the tender joy and laughs, memories of those kiddies play we enjoy as children growing up there I remember. Surrounded by history and ancient buildings, adjacent from the living room window is the first story building in Nigeria. Memories of inside the building flashes through my mind. We’re always scared to go inside the building when we were young, we go to see Santa Claus during Christmas season, Santa always look strange in the building so we’ll cry and struggle not wanting to go in but we want the gift, our parents will force us in. Wondering now what was actually scary about Santa and the building.

Sexy Ebony

Down the street is the slave trade center, chains and padlocks used on slaves are displayed in the museum. Smell of the books in the library still-hunts, I love the comic and insect books I read there. Life is fun and interesting when you live around history, you’ll appreciate it, they may influence you to create one yourself, history.

Living in the city has its many advantage, the civilization, exotic buildings, good living conditions and the kind of fun available. We get lost in the city sometimes but we’re grateful we left the village; uncivilized people, bad buildings and bad roads, the naïve way of living, traditions and their mode of worship, their level of spirituality. In the village, you experience the freedom you can’t dare in the city, especially when you’re visiting from the city. Memories of the village never fade because they are usually fun and interesting.