Memories of the Weekend; Red Summer

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Red Summer

Sharon Ojong

When you wake up the next day and the first thing that hit you is, I attended a party yesterday, then it’s a good party, you had fun, usually this kind of day don’t happen on an ordinary day, it was a special Saturday, it was Red Summer, the first fashion party of August, so I went to check up on a friend during their sound check in Surulere before heading to the fashion party Red Summer, so I wore a white Kenzo cardigan, Meters/bonwe sky blue pant, a blue Wolsey Argyle pattern socks and transparent white off white for converse all-star ‘Vulcanized” , it was a good time and soon at Red Summer, African Artist Foundation, it’s a different atmosphere there, a art and fashion atmosphere.

Red Summer

Some people look prettier in real life than in pictures, more vibe and good energy too, so at the entrance it was Sharon and Rezebonna I met by the door way, her blonde bob caught my attention, and I thought to myself this is a good omen, this is going to be a lit party, memories of all their works comes to mind, it was a beautiful thrill, as I walk in into the crowded room of shoppers and interviewers, and sales rep attending to customers, the first stand label the hit me was REKANA, I’ve been dying to see them, I love the materials and the finishing is awesome, it confirmed that believe that I have, you’ll be proud to wear a REKANA, that I’ve always got, walking through the room but earnestly searching for RED LINE, I found it in the other room, a separate showcase and the sound became louder, the dj’s music was setting the mood the right.

Red Summer

Toyosi Gregory Jonah and Theladyvhodka

The backyard house the fun of the party, where the drinks were served, Kayla and Mc Prof and the hype man made it more fun, Leo Dasilva, Jaywon, the Instagram family, bloggers, vloggers, everybody contributed their own version of being cool and fun and The LadyVhodka will always steal the show, everybody want to pose for her camera, Zed Eye was talking as she pose for her, we all had fun, it’s that kind of a day that make you feel alive with good vibes, different personality and influencers, seeing real people without the filters.

Red Summer

Deola Adebiyi

Truly good things don’t last forever, at some point house was calling and soon the weekend was over but the thrills of the weekend is making the gossip of today, and for people that miss out on the party, all I can say is, don’t worry Elanred got you, soon there will be another fashion party, you won’t want to miss that.

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