Men’s underwear shops: they exist!

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We’re willing to bet that you have fairly negative associations with underwear shops, probably because you’re usually there panicking while trying pick out lingerie for the woman in your life. Let’s face it, guys don’t tend to go to underwear shops for themselves – generally because standalone, men-only underwear shops don’t exist.
Enter La Perla.Having cut just-the-right-side-of-revealing undergarments for women since 1954, last season La Perla launched its first-ever men’s offering with a catwalk show at Pitti Uomo – a mix of silks and cooling cottons cut to make some of the most exclusive underwear available on the current menswear market. However up until now the brand hasn’t had a dedicated space to showcase it here in Britain. Now, after opening it’s first dedicated men’s shop in Milan, the brand has opened one in London’s Burlington Arcade.””>It’s a modest space, but it’s just as luxurious as you’d expect, with marble columns thick blue rugs and leather seats. Needless to say the underwear itself is superb. And while the boxed briefs are great for the more entry-level guy, the smoking jacket-inspired dressing gowns or silk lounge trousers are the real way to impress in the bedroom.And if you need to persuade your girlfriend to come along, just let her know that there are also a few items for ladies in store too – but with lingerie cut that beautifully, it’s going to cost you.

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