Mental Health – New World

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Amber RosePeople are changing and they’re advocating for mental health, humans are beginning to discover how much they can do with being human and the world think people are running mad, because they discover they don’t have that hold on us any more, people are beginning to understand freedom and they are teaching other people, it’s a big influence in this time, the world is changing and humans can do whatever they want, the world will cope, guess the world coping mechanism is the advocacy for mental health.

Before now we believed everything they told us, all of our trust was in them, their rules was all the validation that we wanted, but they lied to us, they took advantage of humanity and right now people are protesting, horrible headlines on the news, and some are just determined to change the world and make it a better place, new discoveries and findings, new knowledge, new culture, new world is brewing and we are loving it, people are beginning to experience freedom.

It’s 2018 and being yourself can make you rich than you ever thought of, being an influencer is the new trade that’s turning many into millionaires and helping them to build an empire, all you just have to do is fuel your passion and your confidence and the world will believe in you, the world will love you and be your fan, you’ll be celebrated, though some celebration last for 5mins, while some may last forever, it all depends on you and the realness you’re seducing the world with, we all enjoy seduction.Nudist

Even though all you need is your confidence and your passion, the real you and the quality of what you dish out matters too, the message behind it and how you seduce with it, how interesting you make it all look is what will help you build that humongous fan base, people want something new to be addicted to, you can make them addicted to you, just as we are all addicted to everything Kardashians.

Though to them is mental health, but because it does not fit their definition of what humans should do or can do they find it strange and like their usual way of taking over everything to redefine it too suit their aim, they advocate, create drugs and talk and advice on how to be what we used to be, though the present change they are still profiting from, but the real control of the mind they’re losing control of and soon all that profit will stop if humans continue to discover more truth and more freedom, so they use wars to distract us, economy too and odd news and they fuel hate in people’s mind but if humanity can just love everything, the world will change, everything will, though it sound like a theory.