Midnight Calls of Love and Beautiful Emotions

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Subway Station Come to think of it, the most emotional calls are made at night, especially dead in the night when it’s just you and the reflection of the light from the screen of your phone, when you are not ashamed to cry and even laugh and lust at the sound of the voice from the other side, the first voice of the hello gives you fulfillment, the midnight just calms you and make those calls interesting. Usually when it’s 00:00, the New Year day millions of people call their loved ones to wish them a Happy New Year, the joy and the prayers and good words, the excitement and the love, the calls are always full of emotions and love, true moments.

It’s 2018, the 2 year and lots of that calls we made, the longer ones and shorter calls, the laughs and the pissing off, we made it all the same, we were happy, we felt happy and we were enjoying making those calls, because we just want to share that moments with people you love, love is just beautiful and true, full of high energies and emotions. It’s all about love this year, let’s just love, love is a beautiful thing.

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Some beautiful things you can describe and explain but some, it’s better explained when you feel it and that’s love, only when you experience it, only that time you can tell.

The parents pray, the close friends recall memories of happy times and then the good laughs and teasing, midnight calls can just be for almost any reason, even when it’s not New Year’s Day, those midnight that all that you think of is lust, missing and craving for those hands but voice from the other end can change a million thing, happy emotions that turns you purple, and the flickering light of joy never stops, blushing at the other end of the phone with wild imaginations, wild thoughts.

It’s about love this year, let’s express it