Miss Kechi is +1

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Nkechi EziokwuMost times, especially when it’s someone’s birthday the memories you two share together you joyfully remember, the fun moments and the ugly ones, especially the stupid ones because those memories make the joy of this moment, this moment that all we just want to do is celebrate a beautiful soul that has thrive over the years to become the woman of dreams and she’s not even ready to slow down any time soon, her pace and growth we love.

Some many years ago we met online and since then every 4th of November is always a special one because celebrating her is always fun, her smile and her voice and her charm especially when she’s styled by bold, over the years she has experience different phase that has brought her here, still wonderful with love and joy in her heart and her craft and sense of style you’ll love, making many ladies want to rob her wardrobe, guess that’s how Style by Bold was born and now we are falling in love with KF Lenses.Nkechi Eziokwu

Birthdays, every time bring joy to you, the universe show you love too, everybody just want to show how much they appreciate you in their life, on our birthdays it’s like a day when we collect our report card, even if we go wild on that day and party like it’s 99, receiving gifts and endless calls and text messages wishing you all the best in the world, it’s usually a day that begins another phase of our lives and we have the gift of the present to choose our path again, to decide how we want to affect life and inspire the world with the ideas of our heart.Miss Kechi

So have fun today Kechi, merry and rule your time for the world is grateful to have you here. xoxo