Misunderstood Kanye West

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Kanye West People protest these days because they are tired of a particular treatment, people call people out because of they’ve realize that they have power to talk, they now know what freedom is and the choice they have to either talk to stop whatever they’re not feeling, to get the right treatment, unlike how it used to be when people don’t know their right, now people know their choice, then people don’t know their choice, and that’s why they settled for everything that happened then because they didn’t see the strength in their numbers all they saw was fear and no choice, so they became a slave for making their great grand generation slaves too because of the fear of not facing their fear and not knowing their choice, but one day someone woke up and know what choice he have and so he said I have a choice, I have a dream and so the movement for the abolition of slavery started and today we are free from that kind of slavery but another kind of slavery was invented, the one you willingly turn yourself in and become a slave.

The world always want a slave, and since the rules of the world already abolish the idea of slavery they device new ways to make people slave, to control their mind, but the twist right now is, it’s more interesting and fun to be a slave because it’s now a form of validation to show and prove that you’re the idea of a trendy person, new slaves.New Slaves

Right now the world is against Trump because of the many things he represent, but one thing he proved to the world is anything is possible only if you dream and believe and you work towards it, Trump already know some day he’ll become a president and he was sure of that because his ideas was real and he believed in himself. Kanye will make you want to get up from your chair, your bed, your room and want to do it all, he gives you energy to make you want to act already, he’s a superman and a god, he’s got vibes and right now he’s misunderstood because he’s real to himself and to the world but the world is judging him because they are confuse of which Kanye is in the world right now because they know the Kanye they used to know will not fall for a Trump but what the world fail to understand is that, it’s a different connection and a different energy he’s connected to right now, his vibe is different and his ideas are true and plain right now, more like he’s experiencing humanity from a different angle that’s strange to the world, that’s strange to the idea of the Kanye they used to know.

So let’s live with the idea of everything and anything is possible, putting the idea out that at the end of the day we make this place a better place, fill the place with bright energy and good vibe and beautiful fashion. Like the idea of Africans that believe the idea of how to show how loyal you are to Africa is to pull that African vibe every time, wearing African trends and things that represent us but really they forget that we are living in this place called earth, in a universe and not just in Africa and different influence and energy can be found on earth and freedom and love is everything and so when they expect you to be only about Africa that’s like limiting you and caging you into a box, making you limited to the idea of Africa, but making history is not just about your space but affecting the world and thinking beyond Africa is the idea and when you think beyond Africa you create things that are worldwide and that’s the beauty of creating, after all God created the world and the universe, he created it all and he create us in his own image, so who are we to be limited, we are little gods, we are not slaves.Pablo

So pause a little and see from Ye’s point of view, I’m still a fan, I just love Ye and his ideologies just as I love and respect and appreciate the teachings of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, made from the shrine.