Monday After Work

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After Work

Our weekend often determines work vibe on Monday. Working hours on Monday shape the evening life, either in a rush to experience a different life away from work or to go home to listen to sad music in the dark naked lying on the bed waiting to be translated into dreamland, to escape reality even if it’s for a little time. Work on Monday can be crazy, fun sometimes, it has its own tradition and you can’t predict it as you can’t predict life.

Like life, you cannot prepare for it all, it will surprise you sometimes, like the unpredictable traffic jam in this town, it can drive you crazy even if you’re used to the tricks of the town, this is Lagos. Life on Monday can be as fun as the life we live during the weekend, but only if you have the right vibe, if your clique are made on the street. In this town, the street hold the vibe, even the rich possess element of the street, that’s the secret vibe that keeps us all in this town, especially for the after work life. Workers hang-out in the bar not because they really want to but because they don’t want to be trapped in the hold-up that will drain them, our energy is important so we guard it and avoid what drains us, if it’s not worth it we keep off.

Just like the every day we live that at night we take records of how we did during the day, sometimes we reflect with the thrills of alcohol and friends in the bar where everybody narrate their different experience. You learn and make your deductions or you enjoy the sometimes-interesting gist or the sad and painful ones, it’s always up-to us how we decide to spend our evening. You know where you want to be and what you want do, it’s always up to you. Though we love to relax after-work and have good time with friends and live Monday with a different twist, different from the life we live during working hours.