Monday Body Talk #mydearbody

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Monday LifestyleWe talk with ourselves in different language but not many will be all time polite when they talk with themselves, the voice inside our head have different tone and pitch and accent even, can take different dimension to get the message across, but every time we hear the voice in our head and sometimes, over time, we become the voice we listen to more.

Our body talks too, it tells us what it want and we always know what our body want, our body want that comfort too and want to look attractive and admired, to be in good health, sexy with beautiful smell, even the body have its own ego and self esteem and just as we love to have a normal and even high self esteem, the body want that too. We hurt the body’s feelings sometimes, we treat it bad and starve it of the goodness it deserves, and some cherish it less.Monday Perfume

Some smell you want for a particular day and somehow all you want to smell like, that day is the smell of that day, you can’t help but anticipate that day and even the smell of the day. What we smell like today is Monday by Dear Body, you should try it too and you’ll love it, the experience of luxury fragrance, refreshing formula infused with Aloe Vera and calming chamomile, it’s a sexy scent, the sexy feel on Monday you won’t want to trade for anything.

So treat your body with respect just as you’ll like to be treated, pamper it because it’s you at the end of the day, it is you that will enjoy the thrills and the compliment, love your Dear Body.