Monday Lessons #loveyouloveyourwork

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Monday Fashion Soon it will be half of 2018, 6 month almost gone, many dreams and hopes we had in mind the beginning of this year, some were big dreams, some maybe infatuation and some are ideas, some hopes, though some worked with their plan and some just believe it will happen only if you believe, hmmm different strokes for different folks, we all prepare differently, for some it’s working out and for some it’s crazy and they’re finding a way to make it work, but keeping hope alive is the real task.

On Mondays we go to work, for many 9-5ers and for those that are not 9-5ers any day can be Monday, guess that’s why it’s just the 9-5ers that hate Mondays and are pressured about the day, but we need the 9-5ers, they make the world go round in their own way and their services support the non 9-5ers which makes us all relevant and good, contributing our own little effort to existence.

One of the major Monday pressure is fitting in into the work environment after maybe 2 days break that was awesome and fun and relaxing, so getting back into that controlled environment is the bondage we fear, we all love it when we are free to do us, to do anything, which is not how it is in the work place, the organization owns you during that work hour so you just have to go with the flow and the rules of the organization and you wonder why we’re scared of a reality you cannot change.

So love your work they’ll say, enjoy it and have fun with it, do it diligently they’ll even advice and whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well, so since for the moment you still work there, all we need do is find the good in that place and hold on to it, because for every stage you are, there’s a lesson in that stage, for every workplace that you find yourself there’s a difference we can make their, yes it can be crazy there, horrible boss maybe, boring workplace or maybe hectic, we can always find a way around it and prescribe ourselves a solution on how to enjoy where we work, so at least we have one less thing to make us sad and unrest when it’s Monday morning. So as we start this new week, let’s find a new energy, a new vibe and keep in our mind that our service matters and our happiness too and it make work easy when you love what you do.