Settling Into Monday

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Monday Fashion Short and interesting weekend, lots of activities that made time ran fast and in just a blink of an eye, its 5:30am Monday morning, the beginning of another work week, another day to dress and dazzle and to face the new week and its challenges.

As it’s the last week in November, the last Monday too, the vibe is different, corporate and casual, the holiday mood is already setting in, Christmas in the air and it’s giving us that relax vibe, mixing of trends and choice of colors, layering, looking simple but stylish, and making our style say it all.

Exercise and breakfast to kick start the day, beautiful shade of lipstick, Lady Gaga’s Joanne Album to set the mood right, stuck with Million Reasons for days now, how it make me feel I enjoy, Cure to every mood, music usually is a morning ritual to set the mood for the day, especially with the lots of fun and hangout over the weekend, in that mood and vibe I just want to remain.

Monday Fashion Girl Here’s Monday already facing the screen and punching those buttons that translate the thoughts in my head, looking beautiful and already thinking of lunch time with the girls and the gossips and update about their weekend and the food too, making people around stare and making their stare worth the while.

Life after work especially for a Monday usually can be uncertain but a beautiful kiss will make life after Monday work relaxing and awesome, red wine don’t do wrong too and Thrills of it All definitely will be one album to relax with while I double tap and re-pin.

Let’s make Monday memorable.