Monday Motivation; Love Work This Monday.

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So it’s been a great weekend, filled with beautiful memories and fun hangout, alone time and playing dress up, it’s that weekend you really don’t want it to end but it’s Monday already and it’s back to work.

Usually we tend to drag a little before we get used to work especially when the weekend was fun, but fun or no fun work is supposed to be work because they pay the bills afterall and because it’s fun actually.

So be in the right mood this Monday revitalize and be alive, be excited and forget the sad and hectic thoughts, the many deadline to meet, and the many things that needs your attention, just go with the flow and solve every obstacle one after the other and soon Monday will end, soon it will be Friday again and we can party like it’s 99 again, so love work this Monday and have fun.

Planning for after work Monday is usually the fun part of Monday to look forward to, so how fun are you planning for after work Monday.