Monday Sense of Style

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Monday Fashion

Rethabile Khumalo shot by Stills by Tom

We survive differently, our coping mechanism is different too, we love to dress differently for different days because on earth everyday have it kind of feel and for some, fashion is the way of life, fashion is how they survive and from reality and psychology, looking good makes us comfortable in any environment, giving us that sense of surviving and surviving well in style.

Fashion is our way of life and if you say we’re obsessed with it, you’re right because we lust after fashion and like they say, find what you love and let it kill you, fashion is our killer, trendy and a beautiful death, you’ll look glamorous in the end and you’ll survive, fashion is life, fashion is the body electric, it sets you on fire every-time and you burn, consumed, refining everything that comes your way, the kind of vibe you need on a Monday to conquer the down spirit and the stressful work lifestyle of that day, your look can give you the charm and joy of Monday.

Trend Monday Fashion

But for the general world that practice the corporate and decent fashion on the first working day of the week, it’s like a box, limiting the creativity of Monday fashion which can affect our sense of productivity, but a stylish twist to Monday look can do us more good than the idea of the organization that try to shape our sense of style to suit their professional image, even though they want us to look like where we work, we can still look like us, stylish like a lust girl of fashion and still fit in to their “work fashion” but with the element of the style we are made off.

So let’s take advantage of our sense of fashion to boost our Monday confidence and live with ease on Monday, surviving every bobby trap.

Monday Fashion Photography

Rethabile Khumalo shot by Stills by Tom

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