Monster Made

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Colored WigLet’s create a monster together, a beautiful monster that will tell the story of what we think and how we want to live, what humanity is about and the beauty of fashion, the limitless creativity of it, the style and the sex, the lust and the romance and the public appearance of how we are and the beauty of clothes, the fabrics and the idea of the designer that made every beautiful clothes and the ugly ones too, the type meant for us, the latex and the jean, the lace and the silk, the pant and the thong that we love to wear, the red lipstick that shows how fierce we are in our heart and how we really just don’t care because we are born this way and all we really just want to do is dance with a lover and just anybody because we are made of love and we are all equal.Fashion Girl

We are made for clothes, we are made nude, our sense can evolve and transform into a beautiful piece that will translate us from what we are into who we are and we can be that monster that everybody will fall hopelessly in love with, even when we are drunk and passed out, for everything is created for a reason and time and space exist for activities to happen, the kind only a monster will make to own that time and to be the history that will be told for eternity, like the wonders of Michael Jackson, he is the example of what we can do, for everything is possible.Neon Girl

Your brain and the activities and the thought in it can be as busy as the traffic in this town, Lagos, the city that don’t sleep, the city of real monsters where everything happens and anything can happen, the idea of possibilities and the vibe of creativity because really all you just have to do is to be willing to go through anything, it start with your mind, your heart and the kind of ideas that you nurture, love or hate but love is better every-time, even lust, all you just have to do is love the world, love everything, the designs, the sex and music, the different bodies that walk on the surface of this earth, love is the real monster that we need to change it all, for the goal is to love everybody and everything, for the goal is to birth love into this sphere.