Mopelola the Africanist Indigo #pimpdaddylo

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The first word that came out of my mouth the very moment I saw this art work on my timeline was fuck! even before I could type it out my gaze caught the next one and I stress the fuck word and the third and I was like damn this is dope, but somebody else helped me out by typing the word out “This is fucking amazing!!” and truth be told, it’s fucking amazing, you’ll love them at first sight because they’ll take your breath away and you’ll appreciate the creation.

Mopelola “Pimp. Daddylo” is an Artist, a Healer, an Herbalist, a Nude Model, an Activist, like an Indigo struggling through the 5th dimension and also healing the inner child, Pimp Daddylo is from the new world that’s changing the idea of the world, Daddylo’s sense and vibe is different from most people of same time of experience, and how Daddylo fall in love with art and cultural things will make you appreciate the herbalist existence and who Mopelola really is, Mope’s deep and dope and Daddylo kind of conversation will make you want to see through the healer’s eyes, the activist struggles has made Pimp Daddylo and Mopelola’s root has brought them to this point of self-discovery, knowing who they are and how much power they’ve got, Mope is a beautiful African child with the orisa vibe, the depth and the soul of the ancestors that set the pace first and now we all are connecting to that vibe.

I’m going to be discussing how it’s like being Claircognizance cause it is a huge factor in my life. My own power takes me on a diverse journey each and every moment, this lifetime is something special.Mopelola

Looking at this work you can’t help but appreciate art, the Africanism in this work will help you connect to a different reality of self-love, knowing how beautiful your body is, the art of the body, though the talk about body, loving your body is a huge topic around the world but we fall in love with our body differently, and different beauty we see in our body, Mopelola has been one person that fell in love with the body in a very interesting way, first Harnaam Kaur and Tess Holiday will make you want to love your body but for Pimp. Daddylo you’ll fall in love with the body that house the healer and has found. Daddylo is a living art work that’s beautiful and attractive even on the canvas, Pimp Daddylo will inspire you with the idea of freedom and taking charge, the connection with Mope’s body is one interesting journey I hope Daddylo will write about someday because it was a beautiful journey for people that followed the transformation of becoming the Pimp Daddylo we know today.

Though like the many rules of the society, Mope will always conquer and bounce back, especially when Instagram will shut down Daddylo’s account and Pimp will open a new one because of the understanding that many people around the world are experiencing same kind of transformation and the reality behind those transformation is what makes it different and interesting and motivating, so they’ll use their works and words to share experience and find new company that will inspire them to be better, make you want to understand life and how special this lifetime is.

We are more than physical beings. Art, culture + lifestyles wouldn’t exist if our bodies weren’t made, our organs and systems are obviously important to take care of in order for you to feel your absolute best, physically, emotionally, mentally + spiritually. GET IN TUNE. ASÈ.Mopelola

Understanding your body is freedom on another level, your body and mentality you take charge of, feeding the body with what it needs and not what the society suggest you feed it with, information and body food. This art work is everything Pimp Daddylo represent, their ideas and personality, looking at this art you’ll understand the person and who Pimp Daddylo is, though we know Mopelola, the herbalist that’ll interpret the idea of existence differently.