More Than Your Skin

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Cynthia Olorungbon and Gift. Photography by Motolani Olorungbon

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder why people become a racist, you wonder the reason for the hate and especially when it’s because of complexion and race and you’ll wonder what has that got to do with the love we have in our heart, with the sense of living together as human-beings, this every-time got us thinking how can we better the love for humanity and how our complexion is not the definition of us or our race for we are all human and that’s all that matters.

It’s obvious we are more than our skin but everybody can’t see that, many will want to change for the mainstream, for the popular complexion because of favor, maybe because of validation even, to be accepted in a particular circle and also to boost their self-esteem and so they’ll do almost anything to enable them change the color of their complexion, usually all in the name of trend and to be attractive, different strokes for different folks.

The skin is a major issue rocking the world, everything about the skin is sensitive, especially the discussion about the skin and how people see us in our skin because it’s the only thing that represent us since birth, while some lust after the skin, some hate it that people lust after their skin because they see it as disrespectful while some wish they can be lust after because of how much the society make them feel about their skin. The blacks suffer from this discrimination especially from the white but the albinos suffer discrimination from everybody around the world, even from people that they are from the same race with, so you’ll think to yourself what’s the deal with our skin, what’s with the superiority of skin, for we are beautiful just the way we are.Lovely People

But just like love, you need to love yourself first before the world will love you and that’s why we are goddess and gods, for you have to love your body, you have to love your skin, the world will only depict you a certain way, they’ll only interpret you to be who you are not but you have to define yourself and find love in your skin, you have to fall in love with your skin, because we are all human and that’s all that matters.

Stop playing with your body lady
Stop feeling like you’re not enough
Stop feeding into the haters
Stop and give yourself some love
Stop staring at the mirror getting faded
Saying you won’t fall in love
Stop trusting all these fake idiots
Trust me they don’t give a fuck

I tired of seeing it
I’m tired of feeling this
The world says beauty is changing
Fuck that, it’s fake expectation
Not the real shit
Let’s get naked
Start meditating
Feel elevated and say

Stop chasing all the hype, my girl
Stop trying to change who you are
Stop cutting yourself up on the outside (outside)
When the inside is never scarred
It can’t be healed with something materialistic
Can’t be healed by a man who stays distant
It’s deeper, save yourself
Before you betray yourself

Photography by Motolani Olorungbon

Models – Cynthia Olorungbon and Gift