Morning Whispers

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Thursday Girl

Thinking out aloud in the dark room of my mind, in the real darkness of the dawn, picturing the hope for the new day, the new life of this new day and the possible new things that can happen, life, life of the morning before leaving the bed to be the day that we hope will be different from the one that made us fell asleep and now we wake to a new day, new grace and new vibe to live this new day that we’ve hoped for.

Waking up in the morning is like a cliché but not everybody live with cliché, we all love it when we are special, when life is like we’ve dreamt, the reality of the visions in our head, welcome back to life the day whisper to us every-time we wake into a new day, sometimes we get too busy, maybe troubled or not living in the moment that make us not to hear the polite whisper, the day still welcome us and we live the life of the day, though sometimes it seems like we woke up on the wrong side of the bed in a day that we would have want the day to treat us like we want.

The whisper of the day in the morning is usually the voice and the vibe of the day that pitch to us the attitude of the new day, the kind of energy required to survive the day with, though many pray when they wake, even when they don’t have a reason to pray they pray still, it’s the ritual of the morning, some communicate with the universe when they wake, some communicate with themselves, speaking the positive chant they want in the day, invoking hope in their mind, from the spiritual the physical manifest after-all, the morning is the foundation of the day and you know the function of a foundation.

Fashion Girl

It’s a new day to live life like we want because we are always in-charge, we have the final say, we determine how to react to everything that happens to us in everyday, though sometimes our reflex react for us, we live the day on our own terms even though some still want the validation but it’s their decision to want that validation, we make our decision and we determine what our life should be, we are the final judge not the people we seek validation from, the power is always in us, all we just need to do is access it and make use of us, maximalist we are as humans and we possess a billion and one ideas that can make us live like the human that we are.

Just as we define things differently depending on how open your mind function, we define us as human differently, some define themselves as ordinary human and classify some as super human but we are all humans, different version and definition of being human, we are our own version of super human, all that’s needed is to unlock the many chest, for we hold many gifts in us, many talent but talent is never enough, we are, we are enough, we are the validation that we need, be the maximalist.

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