Music to Undress With

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Undressing So after the day’s work and the quick hangouts and some shots, the gossips and the inside jokes you call the uber and everybody ride, the laughs and the sing along to the city’s fm (SoundCity) with the radio goddess dishing out beautiful sounds and finally home. As much as we love to dress up, the joy and the sweetness of how the fabric will feel, the charm that excites and the thought of different pose and angles for the camera, we love to undress too.

Underdressing is sexy and interesting and sweet and relieving, the comfort you feel as the clothes pull off your body, especially the stripping of the bra, the comfort of the tongs going off, the stepping out of the day’s clothes and hitting the showers, soon changing into the clothes that’ll comfort for the night, the smooth of the satin gentle feel, that refresh feeling and finally to the fridge and microwave and finally in front of the TV just after posting the last photo of the night on Instagram and a quick run through of Pinterest trending photos and finally just you and the TV to catch the show of the night, still feels good to watch previous episodes of Shameless any time, so even if there’s nothing to watch I’ll always be entertained by that cast.

Fashion Girl Undressing In between of pulling of clothes, that’s when you get to analyze your activities of the day, the wins and the fails, the yet to be achieved and the unread and un-replied mails, the compliments and the smiles, the sexting and the flirting, usually the playlist of that moment reflect how your day went or how you want to spend the night, or how you want to reflect on what has happened during the day, but right now it’s a mix of Joanne and Thrills of it all, the mix of Lady Gaga and Sam Smith don’t do wrong any time.

The sexiness of striping