Friday Scent of Groove #mydearbody

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Friday ScentLust after your body, trust me you’ll love the fun of it, especially when it’s with the scent meant for this day of fun and wild, the day many wait for because its the day you get to experience a different kind of freedom, freedom from the claws of 9-5, smell the scent of Friday and let your life experience every moment that Friday is meant for.

My dear body is the scent of everyday, keeping you in time and making you not to forget living in the moment because every tingly smell of the scent you perceive reminds you of the day you’re experiencing, you just can’t forget to live in the moment smelling good and scooping those compliment even it’s in the middle of the night, in the happy place with loud music where people live in the moment and have fun with colored lights and the sound that won’t make them sit.My Dear Friday

We treat our body differently, many though live in denial thinking their body does not matter, well a quick reminder, it does matter, because your body is you and when you’re boring and sad, your body will be boring and sad and shrinking but when you’re fun and happy, your body burst to life with beautiful glow that will draw attention to you and the fragrance will compliment their stay and make them want to glorify you because you’re made in his own image and likeness.

So smell like Friday already because it’s fun, full of life and that’s all that matters, living in the moment and the fun of Friday, enjoy the thrill of Friday fragrance today, your dear body deserves it.

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