My Dear Body on Tuesday

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My Dear Body This beautiful body of ours we wake in daily, the house that we’ve lived in since the beginning of time and we’ve made beautiful the best way we can, some got ink on it even to make it look attractive to them first, then to the world, the people that behold the beauty of us, our body.

Refreshed and neat we feel when we step out of the bathroom, the everyday ritual we love to perform, to clean the body and make it comfortable for us, the body is beautiful and comfortable, though the society might have told us something different, they might have told us what a standard body is like, what a sexy body is supposed to be like, but it’s our body, not theirs, so we have the final say.

Most times because of the quest to want to experience a normal life we tend to want to obey all the rules so that we can experience living in the society in peace, pleasing everybody the best way we can, playing strictly by the rules but the rules is not meant for all, just as their definition of beauty is their definition not ours, every one of us is a different shade of beautiful, we are created to make the world beautiful, a reminder that we are made for a purpose, that we matter and our contribution to this place called earth is welcome, because little by little we contribute our sense of creativity to create a beautiful world, in our own way.My Dear Body Perfume

Tuesday is that day when we try to settle properly into the new week, comfort we want still because that’s how we get to function the best way we ought to, beautiful clothes that will make us experience the day in style and make people’s stare worth the while, they will always stare, so make it worth their while every-time because boring kills and when it’s interesting, people love it, just as we all love to perceive beautiful smell, scent made for Tuesday, to help us conquer Tuesday smelling fresh and attractive, to compliment the sense of style for Tuesday, what we smell like is a reflection of how much we care about our body.

Scents and Perfume boost our self esteem and ego, we all need to be comfortable in our skin because our dear body deserves it, our body needs that, to smell good and beautiful not to the world alone but to us because it’s only when you smell good that you can be more confident, so try out Tuesday by My Dear Body and experience Tuesday with a different scent, you’re made for life, just as this scent is made for Tuesday.