My Eva Obsession

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Female MC

RIWO by Eva Alordiah

Rap is really not my thing but hip-hop I love, the rhythm and the poetry, the vibe and the kind of energy that comes with it, hip-pop is life and though some believe it’s dead, we all have right to our own belief, yes some rap god will live forever in history and even the people that didn’t exist around that time will know the story of these guys and they will tell it like they were alive during this era because what these guys created was masterpiece and a different culture that fight and speak a different kind of truth and not many women rap, not many women have these vibes but those that do, oh! You’ll love and fall in love with their vibe and their charm and how they relate with the mic in their hand and that’s how Eva came into the tales of my life.


RIWO by Eva Alordiah

So soon I discover she’s into makeup and her art is crazy and interesting, you’ll love to stare and look more than once wondering who the hell is this creative, she’s dope AF, and with that image in your head you marry it with her rapping skills and the kind of video she shoots, you’ll wonder the kind of things that goes on in her head and what she dream, can bet she dreams in colors, her art will seduce you to understand creation differently and the beauty of what you are looking at, it’s a different pitch of ideas her works inspire you with.

Spoken words and candid motivation, Ivie Okujaye once said if she was not an actress maybe she would be suffering from split personality disorder, for Eva her different creating skills will make you want to create everything you can, her spoken words and writings will pitch a different life to you, the life that will entice you to be better, to enjoy this place better and even better it, to discover and make use of your different energies, putting yourself to use for everybody’s betterment, you’ll be motivated listening to her and that’s one thing the new world is about now, motivating others to be better, to better themselves for the good of the world because really the world is bored of the many wars and fight and the daily cry of the misuse of power and resources that’s meant for the good of the society. The new world is changing this time so that we can change history and actually push for that world we’ve dreamt about, a peaceful world with humanity functioning in the best of their capacity.


Nigeria Female MC

RIWO by Eva Alordiah

And as I scroll through her page because for a while I’ve not been seeing her on my feed, so I took time out to check her profile and going through her bio I discover Riwo “Designed and Exquisitely tailored for the Modern Woman” and I said to myself, just like Dennis Rodman said in Double Team “I don’t miss twice” well in my case with Eva I don’t fall in love with the wrong person, I obsessed over good works, guess that’s why I lust after clothes and the beauty of it, Riwo is defining modern women, the sexiness and the charm and the confidence of skin, the joy of the body and the pride of the complexion that we own in this part of the world, your wardrobe will thank you for it, your body too will.

Creative Makeup Artist

RIWO by Eva Alordiah

So let’s create all we can because we can do all things, let’s have the charm of the new world and the understanding of the much we can do as human, we can do all things, oh yes we can.