My Experience with Love

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Sexy Fashion Girl - Qlue Photos

Nora. Photographed by Mouyor Buttons

Love is almost something that exist only in movies and novels, in real life it’s like illusion, like a wish, a fantasy to experience because it’s not always as sweet as the ones we watch and read about, but time has taught us to write our story and make it beautiful how we want it, people create their love stories, interesting proposals, smiles of love, butterflies that never sleeps but always flying. Love have become real just as how it is in the movies and books, even seduction.

Sultry Qlue Magazine Girl

Nora. Photographed by Mouyor Buttons

We experience it differently, love, groove, the vibe, some lover arouse you whenever you talk to them, her voice and how the lips move you imagine, where those lips have been, what they’ve done, the gesture of her body as she talk, how your favorite part of her body will react to your touch, sex she’ll make you think, lust of you comes alive that you’ll talk like you’re making love even though the discussion is not about sex or anything close to it, the discussion is always interesting, like the sex and love making that you practice, when you’re in love, you know.

Even when we talk I don’t want the talk to end, let’s just continue because it’s the consolation of you not here, but this is Nigeria, soon the lady will remind you of the credit that you no longer have to complete the call, even though our environment does not support romance, civilization has helped us to want to experience what it is, our fantasies too, her joy basically is the real influence why we want to be romantic, the reward she’ll give too.

Sexy Qlue Girl

Nora. Photographed by Mouyor Buttons

Come to me, my lady

Let us forget about the ideals of the world

As we fall once again for ourselves

Let us love and be romantics, like we’re new

Create new memories with me

The old memories can be by-gone now

Do to us new things that will reflect the strength of our love

Wake me up in the middle of the night, just for laughs

I’ll watch you sleep tender

Show me the meaning of life with the love of your heart

And watch me paint the sky with your name

Let your vibe take over

Let everything that’s fun take over us

That we may live happily ever after

Just like in porn movies