My First Time

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It was like this time my first time, I still remember how it all happened, like a bad guy she thought I was but it was my first time too but I can’t tell, she thought it’s a ritual I perform often, that impression I don’t want to change though, so I watch porn more, read about sex.

My imagination of what it should look like guide me to what I should do first, just like in movies, kiss first before your hands start to move around, so I timed myself, how many seconds to spend kissing, depending on the tempo at which we’re moving though, her lipstick made her lips very attractive, pink and glossy, rich and full her lips. I got lost kissing her, the best thing my lips came in contact with that year, spent more time than intended and so I forgot everything I’ve planned and read, the flow took over and with Lana singing the sound track I’m not supposed to do wrong, my hands found her boobs the same second her hand found my yanch, I was relaxed when she pressed it, the softness of her breast distract the enjoyment of her lips, her nipples strong and red and attractive, I suck the hell out of them, all my attention I gave them, my gorimapa head she was rubbing and it was soothing, inspiring me to do more and like a bad guy i feel, she was sure she’s dealing with a pro but in reality I’m just a rookie in the flow.


She was enjoying it, just as I was too, different scenes from porn came to mind and I know it’s time to do like a pro, so I got down to eat her up, heaven I discover, my back can testify, wet and nutritious, love how she tickle, her moan, her hands on my head, closing her legs on me while I’m under, I felt like a pro, tore the condom open, wore it like rehearsed, and gently I entered into her like she begged, it was sweet and I was smiling because finally I’m getting laid for the first time and I’m a pro at it, that title didn’t last long before nature called, fuck it, the pleasure is out of this world, I came quicker than I thought, she enjoyed it, I did too and I was wondering, thinking to myself so this is about it, why haven’t I done this since, she asked for more and thank God penis love lust, he responded and this time he blew my mind away, he was a monster, a champion.

We became our favorite and before every encounter I make research and rehears and so I became her prince charming and she my freak in the shit, my brilliant slut.

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