My Journal – Lesbian Me

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Girl Lover

It’s Monday night. I spent the weekend with my boss at her mansion. Her husband is away on business somewhere. I got really drunk on Saturday night and she let me drink as much expensive champagne as I wanted to. She let me vent and tell her everything that happened with the bastard. She was there for me and hugged me when I cried my eyes out.

I was drunk but I still knew what was going on around me. But what I didn’t know was that she was going to kiss me right on the mouth. I didn’t know she was going to take all my clothes off and touch my body everywhere with her hands and her lips and her tongue. I don’t know how it happened and I don’t know why I let her do it. But she did it and I didn’t stop her. She took me to her bedroom, we were both naked and we stayed in her bed until Monday morning when we had to go to work.

She’s a lesbian, she likes women, she told me so. She stays married to her husband but she plays around with other women. He doesn’t know about it – she only does it when he’s away on business and apparently he’s away on business quite often.

Bathroom Photos

We had sex with each other all weekend long. I had sex with a woman. A woman had sex with me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!!! What the fuck did I just do?! How the fuck did this happen? But boy was it hot. She’s so much older than me but she sure knows what she’s doing. She made out with my pussy for so long I thought I was going to black out. Just thinking about it, just writing about it in my journal is making me wet!

I remember my (now ex) boyfriend used to beg me to have a threesome and I always told him no way. He only wanted to do it so that he could have two girls on him giving him all the attention. I did secretly think it would be pretty hot to mess around with another girl but I never told him that and I never, ever acted on those thoughts. I never thought it would actually happen, I was happy to just fantasize over it occasionally.

She wants me to go back to her house tonight. We worked together today, nothing was said and nobody suspected that we had just spent the previous weekend having sex with each other over and over. But she got me alone and told me to pack some clothes and come and stay with her for the duration of her husband’s business trip. I didn’t say no. A big part of me didn’t want to say no. She’s expecting me in an hour. My bag is packed and I’m wet between the legs. What the hell is the matter with me? I’ve never felt like this before. I’m actually excited about getting back into bed with her. She’s my boss for fuck’s sake! God, this is the most thrilling and exciting thing that has ever happened to me.