#mydearbody Thursday Scent

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My Dear BodySmell Thursday in the air as you wake up to the beautiful day that is about to show you the thrills of this day, the groove and the compliment you’ll get because your dear body is precious and fine with good smell that will transport you from the dark corner of your heart to the reality that await you this day, the thrills that will make the gossip of after work hang-out with friends, the life of Thursday.

Don’t fight the feeling just go with the flow, the flow of Thursday and the satisfaction of your body because the body always want what it want and you too know what the body want, so don’t deprive the body of the goodness it deserve, we want more in life, the body too, just as you won’t feed yourself with poison, the body too will react to poison.

So paint a picture, maybe a perfect picture of what you want your body to be like and treat your body that way, with beautiful scent that’ll make the body feel tender and loving. The world will always appreciate a beautiful body and most times they can’t help but stare when they see beautiful things, your quest is to make their stare worth the while, our own little contribution to making the world a better place and you can’t tell how that might inspire someone and even make somebody’s day.

Stay young and lovely, use Thursday this Thursday by My Dear Body.

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