Naked Truth

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Nude Girl

If you’re not ashamed of your nakedness you can be who you want to be, not that you can’t be who you want to be if you don’t share the idea of embracing nakedness. Our nakedness is what we’re most protective of, what have been used against us the most, either to market an idea to us or used against us to create in us low self esteem. When you believe you’re not as pretty as she is our pride reduce, we can feel it, the body is our ego and it rules everything, our decision, how we behave and those things that makes us who we are.

Being confident in your nakedness makes you different, freedom and truth you’ve found knowing nothing can be used against you. You can decide what to do even though you live in the society that have lots of rules that’s governing it, cultures and traditions won’t matter, you’re your own god, we are little gods so he told us we are.

Sexy Body

Find your truth naked, don’t be ashamed of who you are, fuck the world and whatever they think. What you think is what matters, smoke it all if you want but never lie to yourself and love your body, that’s how to learn how to love, if you don’t love your body you won’t enjoy the lust of another body.

Freedom sets us free, slaves can tell that better, you’re limited when you’re in captive, find freedom and you’ll know a new life. Fela preached freedom listen to him, at least we can see his evidence, we know he existed, his lyrics were like prophesies, his life he used to impact into humanity, into Africa, it’s true Olodumare is real and he wants us to be free, why hold yourself down.

Find the light.