Negativity is Powerful – Harnaam Kaur

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Harnaam Kaur Body Message Disclaimer- this post may be triggering. Please seek help if anything hurts you emotionally or physically. 2017 was a mad one you know. I achieved a lot of great things in my professional life, but not much of what I wanted for me personally was achieved. I went from being bullied at discriminated against in school and work places, to then using my voice to raise awareness against it. I never had any time to heal from the ordeals that left me broken. I never took that time out for myself to look back, reflect and heal; instead I started to heal people and with that I started to too.

A lot of situations that I went through in 2017 triggered my past memories of being abused. The last months of 2017 I were extremely suicidal.

Once on a train back from London during peak time surrounded by people, I held back a panic attack. I can’t explain the emotions. I held onto that attack, I could feel it wanting to burst out of me, instead I sat there holding onto my tears just shaking. I was so close to ending it all.

As I battled with the voice in my head telling me to ‘do it’ I fought with all my soul and said ‘no I fucking won’t!’ This battle lasted 50 minutes. I won’t delve too deep into it. As a woman, I realised again just how powerful I am. I am a force of nature.

Negativity is powerful, if you feed into it. Yes I was extremely suicidal, I didn’t feed into it, I woke up to say ‘hello’ to 2018. God Bless my soul ?? I won’t sit here and say that ‘2018 is going to be amazing’ because I know my life will come with many struggles. What I will say is that I am aware of my thoughts, feelings and triggers. What I will say is that in 2018 I will and can be better!

The most hurtful thing was being torn by my nearest! That absolutely broke me…through healing we all move forward together or separately.

I don’t hate you, I can’t hate you!

Through memories, experiences, the source and love we are all connected.