Never Seen Before Photos of Amy Winehouse by Diane Patrice

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Amy Winehouse It was a crisp February day in 2004 when budding young photographer Diane Patrice of Derby went out on one of her first big commissions.

Diane had been booked to immortalise this promising talent for a teen magazine. Armed with a vintage 1973 Hasselblad, a 35mm Nikon and a Softbox light, she set off to the Camden flat to capture “a day in the life” of a then 21-year-old Amy Winehouse.

She was greeted at the door by a member of her entourage and taken upstairs to wait around with four other people, while her model prepared for the first series of photos.Back to Black

It was a homely place, “bit like a student flat, or a squat”, Diane remembers. Vintage Vogue posters adorned the walls over the mantelpiece; clothes and records were casually strewn across the room. The singer was seemingly infatuated with shoes, of which she had around 40 pairs in baskets, in her closet, on the floor. There was a gaping, unapologetic hole in the ceiling.

“Her voice, her face and her features didn’t match. She sounded like a 20-stone checkout girl, she sounded huge. It was a lived-in voice. The whole package was very endearing… a contradiction in herself,” Diane says.Tears dry on their own

The young singer took her to the very unassuming little kitchen to make her a cup of tea: “I don’t normally wear my hair like this,” she said. She seemed to like having it that way.

They started the shoot onsite, as seen in a series of square negatives taken with the Hasselblad. Winehouse took Diane to an adjacent room, where she was planning to set up a home music studio. Inside the photos, with sunlight pouring in through a large window, bathe the leopard-print clad musician in a cosy pink glow. A stack of vinyls under the sofa and a hefty pile of shoes draw the viewer into the intimacy of her home life.

Fuck me PumpsThe PR and make-up artist crew then whisked them away in “a little people carrier”, to the second venue. All the locations and outfits were chosen by the singer herself, who did not (would not?) adhere to stylists’ guidelines.Stronger than me - Amy Winehouse

They arrived at the local pool hall. Winehouse was an avid pool player, and this was where she would indulge in her carefree years. The very same location appeared in her music video for the song “Stronger Than Me”.

“A lot of her later pictures were quite vacant, turning her into a caricature… she was really engaging with the camera in these ones,” Diane says.