New Month of Love

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Red Fashion Welcome to the new month of love, the month of lust too, welcome to the month where Love rules and we’ll always be happy and ready to express it, it’s a new month where hate is not allowed, even disrespect, it’s a month of a different lifestyle where Love influence and the shade of grey, the month with the color that seduce and attracts, the month of color red, and candles and cupid, welcome to a new day.

It’s a new time to do things differently and to live differently, not holding back any feelings, it’s that time to be true to yourself and what you feel, to experience humanity and the joy of love, of falling in love even, it’s that month to create that tales that’ll be told even to generations yet unborn, a love story just like the ones that sound like fairy tales, a lust story just like in the lyrics of a song, no hold back of love, just say it as you feel it.


Many are scared of love, many just want to rush it, many just don’t want to feel it because of the fear of they might loose them so they hold back, but you can’t cheat nature, you can’t outsmart the universe, it will teach you, you, it will break you and make you experience reality and face your fear. So don’t hold back this month, energy don’t lie, let Love lead the way.

Follow the lead and say it as you feel it, don’t be scared, express the love.