New World, New Influence

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Nudist We are all Influencers in our little way, somehow we inspire a kind of thought in people, we influence a new culture of freedom even, depending on the world that builds us though, how we influence and what we influence the people with is the definition of the beautiful art that we possess within us, our mentality and our ideas and way of life, our lifestyle.

Confidence is the influence, truth to self and the understanding of who we are and our lust for the world to make it a better place and for people to see the light. So they talk about body everyday, the shaming and the fitness, the size and how it should be carried, even how to cover it, like its something to be ashamed of, the real reason for low self esteem and limiting lifestyle, deprived and unfulfilled, and gradually their unruly behavior lead the world to its doom.

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So a new culture is breeding, new set of Influencers that understands differently from the everyday mind of the society, the idea of a better world starts with a body, the confidence and the love for it, for if you love your body, you are first free from the norms that limits the mind, their definition of who you are supposed to be.

Just as different things made us, our body are made differently too, the confidence we possess of it too and how we flaunt it, just like in the garden before the eating of the apple we are not meant to be ashamed of our body because we are created in his own image and what you are not meant to be ashamed of you flaunt, the only true way to express how much love you’ve got for you.

Serenity Hart Serenity Hart embraceyournakedness

So they teach us differently with their Ideas, they influence us with their boldness and their quest to be free from all the yeye rules and ideas that have build the world to where we are today, it’s a new world breeding, their kinda of influence that’s helping us to understand the world differently.