Nigerians Robbed by Religion, Politicians and Maybe Celebrities

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Nigeria Spiritual leaders and politicians wear clean clothes in my country but their followers and people that worship under them wear dirty clothes because they can’t afford to buy themselves soap to wash their clothes, the money they have they give as seeds and offering and get prayers in return from the people they believe is leading them to heaven. Fela Anikulapo Kuti

It’s only in my country they will tell you to go get your PVC like that’s what will bring about the change that we want, while it’s for you to be manipulated to vote in another leader, maybe the same that we are complaining of right now, that they believe in, which will later turn out to be the one they will later complain about and by the next election they will tell you that your vote count, so vote to change the situation.

Many things happen in my country and you tend to wonder why, but really we know why, though they blame it on bad government and leaders but in reality the government don’t even know some of this things that happen in your area, sometimes it’s report they read, sometimes they don’t even get to hear about it, they blame it on corruption, while every average person in this country is corrupt.

In Nigeria lawlessness is a normal thing, even in the face of the law enforcement agencies, you’ll violet the law and go free, so far you can do the right thing to them, everything is possible in Nigeria and anything can happen, in Nigeria there is freedom but many are robbed of their sense. They’ll say Nigerians are smart people, many countries are scared of us because of how smart we are, but really little things fool us, especially the words of our spiritual heads and politicians, even unrealistic promises during campaigns and rallies, and with the birth of social media many senses were been robbed because now all they just have to do is make it trend and everybody will be talking about it, especially when a celebrity is talking about it, everybody will just join the band wagon without thinking it through, though some do think it through but many just hop on the trend.The Meaning of Nigeria

Now the trend is go get your PVC, which is a good one because without it you can’t vote, but following record since the birth of Nigeria, your vote really don’t count, what count is how smart is the person contesting and what promise can he make to get the people interested to vote for him, who and who are on his team, in this country they manipulate you with your right and they make you pray afterwards, make you believe it’s spiritual and they hide under that as they carry out their evil act and rip many off, of their benefit and poverty get to rise without decline for years.

Shouting GET YOUR PVC UPANDAN. WHAT ARE WE VOTING FOR? My brother my sister not voting in a system that fails to represent you isn’t a lack of participation. It only becomes that if you are not actively building the system you want out side of the oppressive state. PVC na person contract ooo if u don’t collect dem sef no go collect bar, hence the advert not because it helps us. The leadership that must represent us will not be about winning elections or chasing your votes but will be about empowering our minds and inspiring our consciousness. It will, by its own positive essence, spur us to participate in its own party politics. We shall all be interested in its delegates and candidates for every primary and election respectively. It shall be OUR PARTY. When u see the party, it will be your reflection. Then and only then do the people have a party. My people, PVC collection isn’t participation, it’s manipulation. Don’t let anyone force you to endorse their system until you are sure it represents you. Time to cast a vote of no confidence in the political system and build our own! This is the task of the #liberationgenerationSeun Kuti

Religion in Nigeria It’s more than prayers, that’s what we do more in this country and how-far has the prayers got us, situation where we need to act with sense and love we redirect to prayers and live recklessly and lazy hoping one day the prayer of many years will be answered and the country will be good again. For every problem there is a solution and one solution won’t fit all, we adopt the western world solutions to our local problem, well see how-far we’ve come, we pray when we are just supposed to avoid some things before it get worse, we fall for strike actions when a good decision is been made and some set of people hold the country economy to ransom because they are the ones in charge, but one thing for sure we are close to the wall and we are growing very, very weak to run, we’ve run away enough, now we are ready to face our fears.

So go get your PVC if you believe in your vote, but it will all change in the next election and the manipulations of go get your PVC will be revealed then and it’s by then we will start holding the celebrities that join in the manipulation of people accountable first because the government use them to get to the common man. The discipline starts with me, it starts with you.

Nigeria is in mourning, we’ve always been in mourning almost every week, almost every month but we only cry out when it’s non-stop for a short period of time and when we cry out, we let go again and get back to our daily lives, but it’s about to change soon and if you want that change, let’s make the change and stand for what we believe in because this is our country and even if we runway and nationalize somewhere else, another country, the real fact will still be you are from Nigeria.