No Bad Mood Allowed… TGIF

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Fun Friday Chant it out, chant the bad energy out and dance it away, fun it away, it’s Friday, no bad mood is allowed, it’s all about being happy, dance and move and sing and seduce and have beautiful sex and laugh and watch beautiful movies, hangout with friends, party the night away and drink water as you get drunk but don’t drive drunk, do stupid things and keep the memory, text drunk you can guess the result but it’s Friday so come alive already.

Friday Quote No bad mood allowed, no sad face or evil thought or hate energy, or awful thought let it all slide, Fridays is a day you forgive all wrongs, and hate no one, spread the love around and let it all slide, the anger, the quarrels just shout TGIF and party and be in the good mood, dress like you are on your way to Pluto, to the clouds, let that positive energy come to life, be super alive and sharp, be positive and feel the energy with the beautiful vibe, the colors of your mind let it take over your choice of wardrobe so you just look glamourous and people can’t just help but tap into your energy and have that vibe and energy and the strength to want to party and have fun, change their mentality and walk to your enemy, give out a beautiful hug, smile at some body, compliment somebody, kiss somebody and appreciate the love and the relationship you guys share, let your body communicate beautiful conversation at night even and get sweaty.

Friday Night Party The energy for Fridays are different, it’s the day you let loose and let the crazy minutes allotted to every human come to play, don’t be bored, don’t bore someone, that won’t be fair, just go out of your regular self and do something you’ll look back later and laugh at how crazy you were, but really how crazy can we be? How fun can we be, ok so let’s drop all the professional titles and ethics and cultures, like how you are supposed to behave or act because of the post you’re holding let’s drop all that and think for a minute how crazy can I be? You might be surprise what you might find out, how beautiful crazy can turn out to be relaxing and interesting, you doing what you won’t do, now that’s the thought of Friday, that’s the kind of feelings, thought and energy Friday needs, it’s a day to visit your dark side.

TGIF So light it up, light the street up with your gorgeous smile and your radiant beautiful eyes, your sexy lips and your glorious walking steps and your seductive charm, just charm the world with your happiness this Friday, the world and humanity will thank you for it, just be alive and don’t be bored, don’t bore any one, if you can’t kill them with brilliancy baffle them with stupid things and let them laugh. TGIF