No Friend Zone Allowed “You Should Have Told Me” – Babeeboi 

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Love is love they say and we are meant to believe love is real, we are supposed to love and believe love is right. What if love is wrong? What if that love is late to pop up and a different hope popped up somewhere, maybe not too far away, probably somewhere very close.

Ego prevent us from getting to hundred percent of our feelings sometimes, it shortens the power of our energy. 

Love can pop up from a different angle, let’s talk “You Should Have Told Me” by Babeeboi 

It’s a tale of friend zone. He had a friend, a female friend, pretty, sexy and stylish, she’s the kind of your dream girl. They were close, real close they don’t hide anything from each other, not even their nakedness, they were cool together, they have love for almost same thing except that Teddy is a Friday lover and she’s more of a Saturday person, she love early morning Saturday sex and breakfast on the bed after sex, mostly sandwich and juice, and she love to spend Saturday afternoon with her man in the mall shopping or having cocktails near a water view, not that Teddy is not that kinda guy, but he’s more of a Friday night guy, he’s the life of the party, he party like its 99, he’s always alive like the city that never sleeps.

King Teddy made moves as a guy should, and she felt it was not suppose to be, she felt like they were family, you know that more than a friend feel, bff. He was a little embarrassed, but he made up for it, he made one of her Saturday’s memorable, he took her for a daytime cocktail party and he sang to her from the stage, she was proud he’s her friend and she blushed so hard. She became the center of attraction of the party, she felt like a star. 

After awhile he met her friend, through her though, the first thing he said to her the first day he saw her was “are you real?” “Because you look too beautiful to be real” she was like a goddess, pretty seductive eyes, rich full lips like Kylie’s, she was wearing a nude lipstick, a brown cigarette pant, brown jacket unbuttoned and a sequence tube bra and a high heels coffee brown suede sanders, he melted when he saw her, guess that’s why he asked if she was real. It was love at first sight and she fell because she has never seen anybody that worship her that much, she felt it real.

Months gone by and they grew stronger, what they share was strong but not as strong as the kind he once felt for eve. She then realized her mistake and what she miss, she wants him for herself now but he’s gone to a sacred place, a place her love is not allowed and she’s blaming him for her mistakes, you should have told me was the only sentence king teddy could afford.