NOJ Official Defining Sexy

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Female Fashion

Siren by NOJ Official

To the woman who doesn’t care for putting her style in a box. – NOJ Official

In my society the idea of sexy is fowl, in my society sexy is tagged immoral even the thought of it and especially the expression of it, sexy is for the irresponsible and the loose wayward person, that’s how my society depicts sexy, but they are wrong, sexy is beautiful, sexy is life, the expression of the beauty embedded in humanity the appreciation of the body and the idea of a satisfied ego, the awareness of self and the confidence and the art of self, the depiction of what a body, your body really means, your art and your creativity, your bringing the thought of you to life, the expression of your real personality.

Sexy is the new culture of the world, the definition of self esteem and the idea of comfort of self, the appreciation of you and the understanding of the idea of the designer to fit your body and the vibe you feel, the kind of energy the clothes gives you, you’ll just follow its lead.

We are super excited to announce the launch of The NOJ brand.
First collection is called “Siren” and this is for the woman who intends to cause a stir with her confidence and downright sexiness.

Nothing in this line will cost more than 5000 NGN. NOJ Official is passionate about creating affordable and trendy clothing for the woman who does not care to put her style in a box.

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