Not a Fool When You Fall

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Qlue Editorial Photos

Cynthia Olorungbon and Mouyor Buttons, Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

My society is still scared of the idea of falling in love, men especially, falling in love is a sign of weakness, you can be ruined when you fall in love, your life can end awfully, great men were destroyed by the women they fell in love with, if the great can be killed and ruined by their lover, what about the ordinary man struggling with life to make daily living worth it, why will they want to give in to the act of love that will destroy them and their hope of future.

Find what you love and let it kill you, that’s the advice, though the mighty are destroyed by the people they fell in love with, evil seduces us, who can resist good seduction, always appealing. When you’re in love, the truth your mind tells is the truth you believe and trust, nothing matters at that time, only the truth the mind tells, if it’s wrong and a lie, you may never know, maybe not quickly and when you find out, might be too late, maybe in the grave when everybody is paying their final respect with you watching from anywhere beyond earth that you may be.

Fools fall in love, what best can someone be in this world, a handsome fool is all that’s worth to be, especially if you don’t want to fight through life, thrilling to bring a warrior down, the reason they spend endless night, fantasizing, lusting, seeking ways to bring down the mighty, more difficult to be a conqueror of women but a fool thereof.

Qlue Editorial Photos

Cynthia Olorungbon and Mouyor Buttons, Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

Some are scared because they know what you’re capable of, the feelings you can give, you can love which is your weak point, it can be taken advantage of when you’re in love, all your guard you bring down, nothing matters, just the feelings of that moment, you’ve become a fool, nobody want to be a fool, so men refuse to fall in love but lust instead, taking advantage of feelings, playing with the heart of love, living in denial, the teaching of the society. We are men with responsibilities, to be strong and bold, nobody to take advantage of us, as men we’re meant to be warriors, a fighter and a winner, if you’re anything less, you’re a shame to the sex men.

But love and its feeling is more powerful than our ego, it will bring you down to your lonely knees, you’ll weep in your heart, for sex, to be loved, men beg for sex, they beg to be loved, that doesn’t make men fools or weak, the strength they use in bed after all and those without that strength give thanks to the guy that discover Viagra, to keep men pride.

People take advantage of people, people cheat people, people kill people for selfish reasons, for national honor, especially when they see you’re weak, people fuck you over every-time they have the chance to, to make you become worthless,  girls see you weak, one that won’t fight or defend them when you should be, a Hank for Karen, girls want super hero for a boyfriend or husband, they want you for everything a man is supposed to be, men struggle to be what they’re expected to be and when you can’t find your place, like an outcast you are.

Qlue Magazine Photos

Cynthia Olorungbon and Mouyor Buttons, Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

One of the truest feeling to experience as human is the feeling of love, to be loved, to be in love, it is your honesty, the world should learn to respect people’s honesty without having to fight to prove it, pretending to be who you’re not is one thing that’s changing in this generation, breaking boundaries for generations yet to come, gender barrier, classification of ego, what you’re supposed to be or do if you’re a certain gender, this generation is changing the narratives, people falling in love without been destroyed, many coming out of the closet, damn what the society will say, professing love to whoever they want, expressing their truth forgetting about the backlash, unlike what the generation before this one feared that they live a life of lies, telling the generation they’re making more lies to keep them from achieving their real goals because they’re scared, tradition, culture.

To love is the reason we’re here, the peace of mind we all seek, to live in peace without the fear of the evil the next person is up to. What if the world live in love, all of us, what if sex is not a sin and love is in our heart, lust, what if we express truth with sincerity, maybe we’ll live more, maybe we’ll have more fun, less worries, worries make us explore the human that we are capable of less, competition killed us all, the heart is big enough to love many.

Only fools won’t fall in love, if you’re wise, you’ll fall hopelessly in love, we blossom as human when we fall in love, you experience the glory of the human that you are, hatred steals us away and make our heart dark and wicked, why go to war when you can live in love, why waste your strength carrying guns, planning evil when you can look at your lover and make sweet love forever.