Not Born to be Cliché; Crazy Enough?

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Albert Watson

2019 Pirelli Calendar Pictures. Shot by Albert Watson

Every-time they’ll tell us to live but living is harder than the dreams we dream, rules they make on how to live, but in life you pay for everything, for the society you live in, the influence of your thought you pay for even, the clothes you wear and even sex, we pay for it all and we brag about how much we pay for living, that’s real life, not the dream we dream, but in life, crazy things happens, but if you can’t beat them, fucking join them, oh yes, but joining them with who you are.

So we decide to make crazy lust as we join them in the quest of living, boring we never make, beautiful body conversation we made instead, the sweat we enjoy how they lace our skin in every session  of communicating with all of you, the boobs we love and every new part of you that we discover every-time we sex, the joy of living in pleasure and lust, the crazy we do to match life crazy attitude, making sure we’re crazy enough to live the life of interesting, throwing caution to the wind, filled with lust.

Sexy Art

Art by King Bax

They told us to live, we found the best way to live but they call us the rule breaker, the title we love, the honor we pride ourselves in because you can tell how different we are, we just want to have fun, we hate boring so every-time we live, we break every rules, they call us wayward because we found freedom too, what they hide from us, every good things they hide, they make us suffer for us, sold for what we worth more than, our lives they intend to make cheap, some let them, some didn’t, we’ve all got choice after-all, we are who we are, don’t lie.

Just one way to find out if we’re still crazy enough, let’s sex tonight as we lust in the pleasure of the conversation our bodies make. We can be crazy enough, life is more interesting that way, we are not born to be a cliché, be different, live the urban life.


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