Not Meant to be Boring; Be You

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Beyonce Photographed by Tyler Mitchell

Your life is always a benefit to somebody, you may never know, so just live you and have maximum fun and FUCK the world and it rules, we are made alone, made for the world and for us, why stay bored and lonely, make fun and lust after every beautiful thing, everything beautiful that ever exist, just live and let us live and fuck you for trying to bring us down, we are made to be ontop, on you if you can’t be with us because you’re already against us, so why dine with who you don’t share same thought with, you contradict you, same mind attracts but stupid mind distract and nobody is down for any distractions, let’s just live and be fun, the life of the party for boredom is a sin against you, against humanity because we’re made for fun, to be fun every time, every day, why wait for a muse when you can muse yourself because you’re free and never a prisoner, slave the word they created to hold you down from doing you, the real person you are.

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The boredom perception where you can think it, what ever you think is possible, so why think boredom when you can think happiness and maximum fun that will seduce the world to be a better place of party and lust and love for more fun, more life and existence of the possible things we can be, the shade of us, the real us that is meant to populate the world with joy and happy things, fuck you for trying to bring us down because we are meant to be at the top, not for here, for we live in the world but we are not of the world, we are not meant to be bored, we’re meant to be alive every time we live, every time we feel the beat and ready to want to dance and be happy for happiness is being human and experiencing the joy of living, the glory of being human and a mortal for we can die because we are meant to live to die, we die everyday at will, we die for fun, for relaxation, we die every night even before night sometimes, we die with pleasure but we resurrect every morning, we resurrect every time with new hope to function, to make a new good on how we define a new day, a new time and a new us.

So why die bored, why die like you’re meant to die forever, even in death we are meant to live, our memories and the much we’ve created, the much life we’ve impacted with our discoveries the life we’ve lived, the life we are living that they call influencing, maybe they’re right because our intentions are right, our motives too, our life is right and everything we are made for, everyone do, we are the life we’ve wanted to live, the fun we’ve wanted to have, made to die.

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Hell and heaven so you get to decide, you have the final say, you have the final answer to be you and what you want the world to see you as, so who is the world seeing right now? The you, you’ve always wanted them to see or the hiding you that you’re scared to show, fuck the world because it’s just a place, your canvas and you’re the artist, so fucking paint and be alive and think and live your thought and your crave, be the you the world is missing that they wish they can be, let them wish for you so that they can get better and influence the world with better thoughts that will destroy the world for that’s what every discovery do, they create new problems and new solutions that will spin the world through another medium, another life, the experience of us.

So live without edit, you are your life, you’re the person you want to be, you know you, you are you and so fuck the world! Be you.

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