Note to My Lover Tonight

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Egyptian goddess Let’s make lust tonight lover, let’s live the night different, different from how we’ve always spend our weekends and how we’ve always create the vanity of our heart, for our vanity is beautiful and the sin is pretty too, the lust we make is the time we live and the joy of us that will survive us even when the dark night comes and we are the only people that exist during this hour, the look in our eyes will show us the way even when there’s no light to lead the way, our vibe will and the trust of the human and the love we have in us will lead us to the eternal glory of where we can dwell even for eternity till the end of time and we can transport to limbo where time will never end and we can truly live happily ever after, living in the glory of our body and the memories of what we’ve create, the lust and the vanity that keeps us together.Sexy LoverThis weekend is a cold weekend, raining days, all day and you can’t help not to keep warm inside or with your umbrella or rain coat if you’re outside because the down pour is heavy and the view of it is beautiful, looking from behind the window glass with your hot black coffee in your hand in the embrace of a lover from behind as we watch the street get wet and the people on the street too. The weather is calling our body, and we can make beauty like we do every-time with our body and this beauty we can make when the rain is gone under the sky in a slow moving raft with candles and the whispers of the current of the water beneath us while we enjoy the groove of our body and our vanity, the lust of the body we live in.Floral Girl So we set out at night when the rain is over and the cloud is clear but the cold from the rain is in the air, beautiful jacket you see on the street, cuddling and holding hands to share body heat and the tea café queue is worth it at this time but as we set out to the dock, our rum and cream we took with us, blunt and jacket, blanket and no safe word but with a music box.Under the sky is beautiful at night, the love we make with it is too and the knowledge we share after it in our arms, our eyes under the reflection of the moon as the boat travel us through the cold on its own accord to the new land we’ve not been before and we make love through it all, the fear of the night we conquer, even our fear of water, the thrills of it we enjoy and the morning we wish won’t come again, the night we just want to freeze, life we just want to enjoy for love is beautiful and the meaning of life actually make sense because of the understanding of humanity we now have, it’s obvious that we are made for love, love is everything.