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Qlue Nude

Joke (Cloud Spin) Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

The body is beautiful I often say, especially when I hear things like you’re not supposed to expose your body, which is a wrong statement because it depict our naked body as shameful, our nakedness is our innocence, why should we be ashamed of our innocence but to be proud of the lies we tell. Often they will tell you to cover your body, don’t talk about sex, don’t take pictures naked it is bad, immoral, nobody is supposed to see your body except you and your lover, I wonder if the skin is not beautiful enough to show the world how beautiful we are without clothes, we were created and born naked after-all.

There is a burning need in me to make my mark on this place, to leave a legacy of love & great service to humanity. There is a flame in my heart blazing for my greatest good & it will not be doused until i am done.

Qlue Yoga Girl

Joke (Cloud Spin). Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

The world is changing, I can feel it, I bet you too can, new meaning we are giving to things, our passion is leading the way, changing this time that we live in to make it historic even long after we stop existing here, stories of how we created new meaning to the old rituals and culture that has led to this revolution that will not only be televised but will be published on blogs and on Instagram, the revolution is here, different true forces are coming together to reprogrammed the world and how we think about our body and the art of it.

There is so much truth we can access in our body, the truth they never told us, the truth they distract many from finding out that they create policies and doctrines to slave people in their mind and hide the truth that’s supposed to set them free. Being comfortable in your skin can lead you to freedom but they don’t want us to be free.

Nude Qlue Magazine

Joke (Cloud Spin). Photographed by Motolani Olorungbon

Uncover your hidden treasures. Share the wealth, but, only with your allies. Be sure to use discernment. Never fund your enemies’ attacks against you.

Only you can set you free, your freedom is with you, not the government or the ideas the society have about certain things, don’t fund their attack against you, find your confidence and let it lead you, energy never lies, tell yourself your truth, uncover your hidden treasures, the world will later love you for it, the world always adjust.