Obi Somto x Sharon Smity; Velvet Bikini

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Sexy Bikini Obi Somto Present Velvet Bikini x Sharon Smity x Skin, sounds pretty like that, can see it like the introduction of a movie, sexy and interesting like the times we live in, confidence and pretty like the model, sharp attractive photo that makes you want to see the picture again and again because of what you see in the photo, the message and the confidence of Smity, sexy girly vibe, the new world culture, old things have passed away, it’s time to create images like the renaissance time, just with a modern twist, the twist of the digital age, the millennium that is 17 years old and this is Nigeria, this is sexy photography.

Art of Breast - Sharon Smity

How much sexy you portray is a reflection of how much of you, you love, how much of you, you are confident about, though understanding is different, as some faith believe it’s a temple, some believe it’s own by us to glorify us and house us forever, for eternity, many people hate boredom, I know and that’s why we dress differently everyday, because we want to beautify the body, the temple, so we decide to look different every day, every morning, every outing different outfit, but we all dream in different fashion and fabrics in style land, we want different texture caressing our skin.

Sexy Bikini photos

The act of sexiness is usually art and it’s always beautiful, it portrays humanity in a different sense, it portrays the model in an attractive way that paints beautiful ideas in your mind, ideas of the appreciation of self and the effort of having a body like that, body that fits it all, models just get you wishing. Models tap into us, our thoughts and it’s always lovely what they make us to think, they sell things to us, ideas and even what to shop for and the photographers especially, they bring all of those ideas to life in an attractive way, their lights and flash, the angles they shoot from and how they even make the girl pose, photographers see the future, they’re genius.

One thing though about these photos by Obi Somto of Sharon it teaches that beauty can be anybody and can be found anywhere, everybody is sexy and can be expressed anywhere too, it’s all about confidence and who you are and the crave of who you want to be, photos are like books they teach us new things every time.