Ode to God; Drunk with God

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Model – Susan (MGFN 18 Queen, Photography by Mouyor Buttons

Guess we’re different after-all, his greatness we can’t really explain, it’s beyond words known to human, got drunk singing to you, worshiping you to lose sense of reality and the moment, your presence gets me drunk, your glory is not to be experienced in normal human state, you’re God that everybody needs to know, some know not how glorious your presence is, peaceful and joyous.

Your majesty is beautiful, being human in your presence reduces the thrill of your greatness, your glory radiate your splendor, forever you’ll be the only one with such greatness, no one will ever be like you, you’re God every time, even when it seem like you’re not here, you’re always here, you’re everywhere, you created everything, some things you created makes no sense to human because we can’t explain how great you are, the groove of your praise is different, can’t be compared, your kingdom flows through earth and everywhere that you created, even where our human brain can’t think of.

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Model – Susan (MGFN 18 Queen, Photography by Mouyor Buttons

How you’re this great is the mystery humans won’t be able to solve, the thrill that gets me drunk, makes me want to smoke and worship you, it transform me from this realm into the realm of your heavens where I join my voice with the host of angels to sing beautiful praise to your holy name, you are holy, holy is your name forever and nothing, nothing can be compared to you, not even the greatest ruler of earth, you created earth and everything that’s in it to worship and praise you, you will always be the God that will forever rule, till eternity.

My sense I loose in your presence because it’s useless, your sense and glory I want to possess and carry with me everywhere I go, you’re all that is to have, to sing hallelujah to, to praise you. You’re with me through every step, through dark times, through life, you are the God that makes me want to worship you willingly because you’ve named me hallelujah, how great is you O God, hallelujah be unto you forever more, my life is an expression of my gratitude to you, you called me hallelujah, you’ve make the world call me hallelujah, you’ve make them praise you because of the wonder you’ve turn my life to, how great you’ve make my story turned out to be, my life is Hallelujah.