Ode to Kanye West by Tieko Nejon

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Kanye West I prayed for his mental and spiritual health.

I prayed for his sanity.

I prayed for his broken heart.

I prayed for the grief of his mother.

I prayed for his depression.

I prayed for those who stand by entertained, those who try to analyze him and those whose hands are tied.

I prayed that a real light would show up when the cameras are off.


I can not say (only assume) that this man suffers from mental instability but he has admitted to drug addiction and severe grief. Both are mind altering. He has shown signs of being removed mindfully, counting numerous rants and manic behavior. Signs.


The sad part of all of this is we watch people, even in our own circles, crack. We attempt to reason with their ways and compare their abnormal actions to what a healthy person should do, ignoring the signs until they shatter.


Mental illness is real. Help should be too.