Ode to Lara Cole’s Sense of Style

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Outfit of the Day - Lara ColeSo we define style differently, we express our sense of fashion and style in different ways that makes us, us, our brand and the quality of what we represent, the combination of colors and trends and infusing different elements and accessories that best compliment our ego and personality.

When you see someone with style you know already, everything about them is right, her confidence and vibes, her way of life and the love in her heart even, her taste for beautiful things.Outfit of the Day - Lara Cole

She’s a prove that being a woman in this generation is the best being to be, the glamour and the aura of her fashion is just right and she explore it all, even in skirt that most girls don’t wear these days, in most girls wardrobe all shades of pants you’ll see, less of skirt, she’s a risk taker and you’ll never catch looking boring, no you won’t and that’s why you’ll wish for her wardrobe every time.

Lara Cole ootdIn this industry it’s all about the inner beauty, that’s what fashion is about, your beauty inside reflect on the outside, your sense of style and how you slay every time. Aside from her choice of trends, how she mix colors you’ll fall hopelessly in love with, a depiction of the modern day African woman.

Ootd - Elanred StoreFashion in her bones, style in her veins, love in her heart, beauty in her face and clothes to die for in her wardrobe.