Ode to Miley Cyrus Younger Now

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Ode to Miley Cyrus Younger Now

Younger Now by Miley Cyrus

Change is normal, what goes up must come down, the lack of love have two faces and in love too has two faces and the lack of it too has got those kind of face, but love is real, even if there have been speculation that you can be taken advantage of when you’re in love, somethings just prove you wrong.

I used to know the old Miley, the Miley of “Bangerz” and soon she became the Miley of “Miley and the dead pets” that Miley lasted in our memory and took over the internet for many years creating news and lots of things to gossip about, from her fashion, her way of life and her manners, that Miley still I love because she was real through it all, she was experiencing the moment and living the best way she could. And so she found her lost love again and the story began to change, she was saved again.First I was scared what may happen to her because she was on the fast lane, that kind of lane Amy Winehouse was threading on , a reflection of how much love can destroy and break you into pieces without the hope of renewal, she was riding fast, though her gist we love and how bold and real she has fast become, advocating for the Queers but it was kind of obvious it’s a surviving technique, she was only surviving the best way she could.

So the story took another turn when she got back dating the lost love, the engagement ring was spotted on her finger, her smile became real and her eyes full of hope and dreams and charm again, she was alive again, soon she released Malibu. The very moment I listen to that song I was so convinced she’s save, she’s redeemed and I saw Younger Now, I grab my pad and start to write about her and how happy I feel now that she’s back and better.
After the experience with Amy Winehouse the world kind of learnt a lesson and that’s why I’m grateful for the new Miley.
Love you Miley Cyrus.