Ode to Sex “I Love Sex”

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I Love sex! I really do love sex, don’t even know if it’s addiction but I guess it’s not, but really I love sex, I love how the body communicate with each other, the rhythms of the two spirit, the two body just synchronize and they understand each other, the true passion of love of the body, the way the eyes look, the seductive look, half dead with pleasure that’s exploding her mind gently that she’s savoring every of the feel, how the sensation move in her.

We often tend to talk less of how we love sex, we are shy to call penis, dick or pussy, toto or even vagina even yanch, lots of people call it bum bum, really, that shy of what gives us pleasure and happiness, that thing that makes us think different almost immediately, and makes you, be true to yourself, to make your own decisions, to decide if you want to keep doing this or you want to be doing it and you telling yourself the real truth. Sex makes some dead cells in you come to live, especially thinking sense but you have to think right, that’s the main thing, you have to think like human, you have to think for humanity and being a better version, a better person.

Can almost say everybody love sex and everybody enjoys beautiful nudity, if you’re probably not jealous you’ll appreciate a good body when you see one, it’s the true form of human, to appreciate the work of art by the creator, the artist that created that, its the admiration of a beautiful work and creativity, it’s always beautiful in different form, always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The soft skin and the gentle caress of the curves, the touch of the jaw and the warm breath, the gentle pant and gasping for breath, the bounce of the body in same accord, the visions of lustful pleasure, the fantasies of the future you imagine, it expands the imagining sense, fantasies and illusion, you get to think different you can’t always help it.

How the hair fits differently, the shape and size of the eyes, the lips and how it open, how they reflect the teeth, especially when you laugh, the sultry giggle of the body, when you are lust in a new world of pleasures, where emotions are running wild, devouring every nerves, you come alive and be free again.

The boobs, the ass we all love, the chests, and how we walk, the glory of every of it steps, the confidence and joy, even the sorrow looks beautiful, the body communicates love and erotic thoughts, it discharge love in any state not knowing what the other body is feeling, that’s true, true love, to be human without the second thought of the different definition of what the society is made off, the love just emits, enjoying the way the two body will react you picture, how the boobs will hold in hands, hands over hands, hands on the back with tight grip, the sudden strength, the climax, the flashes of pleasure, the million stars, the entrance into another side of you, which you always decide.

The hard and the moist, sounds full of heat and latex, the heating and sharpening of every sense that are made for love and enjoyment, those sense that makes you know the truth you’ve been searching for, the real reality, it gives you a clear vision, you just see beyond.

The kisses and how we talk