Old, New World; New Civilization

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New World Vintage is always beautiful in the future we refer back to the things of old, the creativity of the past we appreciate, the art and the perfection, the way of life and even the economy and the lifestyle, like the roaring twenties, the old comes with a sense of value, we tend to appreciate it more maybe because we can’t see or make it like that again, so they became artifacts and monuments, precious and priceless most-times because of the history attached to them.

Every time the world itself miss it old ways, new trends of the old trend the fashion world brings back, perfecting things that was made in that time with the technology and new available materials of now, the ideas too.

Shoe Porn

Right now in this time, the world wants freedom and peace like what the world experience at the initial time when the world was created, before the eating of the apple that gave birth to the unrest of many generations after then till now, freedom of being the world crave, the expression of self without having to worry about what people will think or say, just like how it was in the garden, the nudity and the pure sense of love.

The nudist make sense from this point of view, as much fun it is to wear clothes, experiencing nature naturally connects you to the beginning and the fresh thought of what humanity is about, no judging or the thought of thinking of the sexual form of the body, like they say our body is more than just for sex, so the aim of them being a nudist is not to seduce the world, for humans before the apple used to be nude, so the apple made humans see nudity as erotic and seduction but as the world is gradually tracing back its root all these cultures that we read about is coming back.

 New Trends

The world in reverse, the wars build and destroy many cities and life just as we are having today, the suicide bombers and the threats of atomic bombs, brothers fighting each other just like Cane and Abel, the wild life like the times of Sodom and Gomora, the miracles performing times like we have today, the world is going back to its root, the beginning.

So in two years time now, it will be the roaring twenties again, the parties are already getting bigger and the fun already more interesting, the sex culture too and the different sexuality of people, the old ways are coming back to life.