Omolara Set Named After Lara Cole in Rekana’s Collection

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Lara ColeSomethings you do, you can’t help but to be proud of it because of the much joy one derive from that habit and these days all thanks to technology, many new habit we just get addicted to, especially the habit of double tapping and digital stalking, but when it’s about fashion and style we are always proud to stalk our favorite people because they never do wrong and that’s Lara Cole, you’ll never catch her on the worst dress list.

And that’s why we are actually not surprise about the Omolara Set on Rekana, it an honor well deserve because if you’ve following her fashion life, you’ll know she’s a born slayer even right from when she was still a teenager, she live for the fashion and style and that’s one reason why we are still lusting over the Rekana collection, that’s everything we are wishing for right now in our wardrobe, the new dream we dream since it lunch if you know Mrs Cole you’ll know that’s her style, guess we can say congratulations to her.

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